Assistant Director,

Position Type: 
Center Director
Organization Name: 
Noble Day Care
Job Location: 
City of Chicago downtown
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About Noble Day Care:

Noble Day Care has a three tiered mission to have a positive impact on education: Tier one is to provide an excellent early childhood education to all children who come through our doors; tier two is to provide an excellent benefit to staff of Noble Network of Charter Schools and the surrounding community at an affordable rate; tier three is to have a positive impact on students in Noble Network of Charter Schools by helping to recruit and retain excellent staff members in their schools. Noble Day Care has a close-knit family feel among staff and all the families that enter our building. We’re looking for the right candidate to become part of our team and family.

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To Be Determined"
Type 04 Certification required: 

Noble Day Care is seeking an assistant director to join our team - a team dedicated to providing best-in-class day care services for children from six weeks old through preschool. An ideal assistant director is a person who is experienced in early childhood education and has a desire to step fully into a highly challenging and exciting administrative role. This is a year-round, full time position.

This candidate will work under the direction of the current Director and Assistant Director. Together this team of administrators is responsible for the operational and instructional leadership of Noble Day Care. More specifically, the leadership team is responsible for creating a fun, nurturing, and safe environment for our children and for building healthy and trusting relationships with our parents. The specific responsibilities and qualifications for this position follow.

  • Manage day-to-day activities as required.
  • Establish performance goals and objectives.
  • Create academic programs and instructional resources.
  • Monitor students for progress and make appropriate referrals.
  • Hire, supervise, evaluate, train, and mentor teachers and other staff.
  • Work actively with teachers to maintain high curriculum standards.
  • Visit classrooms, observe teaching methods, and make recommendations for


  • Assist with record keeping.
  • Conduct tours and marketing activities.
  • Assist with the preparation of budgets and annual reports.
  • Meet with other administrators, parents, and community organizations as required.
  • Ensure compliance with DCFS licensing standards.
  • Foster and maintain a safe environment.

Non-Negotiable Qualifications:

  • Bachelors degree with at least 18 credit hours in early childhood education or human development from birth to age six.
  • Direct and relevant knowledge of DCFS licensing standards.
  • Direct and relevant experience with early childhood education in terms of safety, cognitive & social/emotional learning, and communication with parents.
  • Day care classroom experience.
  • Be an energizing and positive influence on staff, students, and parents.
  • A history of achievement.
  • elentless work ethic.

Ideal Qualifications:


  • Interest in expanding your role in the day care field from the classroom into the leadership function.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and a drive for continuous improvement.